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My Internal Debate

 Since December my weaving mojo has been missing in action.  I have been conflicted about blogging about quilting on my blog,  The Weaving Song .  It felt all sorts of wrong!  Sitting quietly with a needle and thread feels like a homecoming of sorts.  I spent many happy hours as a little girl making Barbie clothes. I love scraps.  Those bins are all my scraps, sorted by color.  I blogged about the wonderful scrap bin at  The Cary Quilting Company . Normally I don't have scraps strewn across the floor but this was a spontaneous scrap pull. I fell in love with this little scrap of flowers.  I am proud of this little improvisational and wonky log cabin.   The beginning quilt class at The Cary Quilting Company not only refreshed my sewing chops.  It also showed me how much more enjoyable quilting is with a cutting table at the right height and a design wall. I am proud of this improvisation .  All scraps were chosen from the scrap bin at  CQC   and pieced without a plan. I plan to prac

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